Wednesday, March 25, 2015

52 Weeks of Art - Week 12 - "Creature"

For my writing challenge this week, my inspiration was the word "creature." Many different ideas came to mind, but in the end, only one seemed right.

Creatures aren't just the monsters from the old movies. Sometimes, these creatures pass as human beings, seemingly one of us but horrible, evil beings deep inside.

I dedicate these words to the memories of Blake BrockingtonAsh Haffner,  Zander Mahaffey, Melonie Rose, and Lealah Alcorn. Each of these young people were victimized by creatures who stalked and bullied them until they felt they couldn't take anymore.

They were innocent. And they were beautiful. And our lives are less because they are no longer with us.


Little boys, little girls.
Come into this world.
No idea, what’s ahead,
Day by day, life unfurls.

Take my hand, look both ways.
See what’s there around the turn.
Danger waits in the streets.
So much for you to learn.

And they’re innocent.
What we were and may one day be.
And they’re beautiful.
In ways we can’t even see.

Little girls, little boys,
Aren’t always who they seem.
And your plans for their lives,
May not be their dream.

As they grow, as they change,
As they feel the need to hide,
Love them, all of them,
Don’t be afraid of what’s inside.

And they’re innocent.
What we were and may one day be.
And they’re beautiful.
In ways we can’t even see.

Little boys, little girls,
Not ready for a fight.
Creatures of the dark,
Reach out and steal their light.

Little girls, little boys,
Pain cutting like a knife.
Take a step to stop the hurt.
And walk out of this life.

And they were innocent.
What they were they’ll never be.
And they were beautiful.
In ways we can’t even see.

And they were innocent.
Oh, they were innocent.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Courage To Start.

So, it's day two. That means I've actually only completed one full day of this challenge. But I already feel better. And that's the magic of this whole thing.

I feel good because I've started. I feel good because I'm willing to admit that I need to make a change and here's the plan that's going to get me there.

First steps matter. Don't be afraid to take one.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Today is the first day of my 30 day Red Carpet Challenge (#30DayRCC). I will explain more about that in tomorrow's blog, but today I'm introducing my "blog on the run" entries. 

My 30 day running plan includes walk intervals, and those will be my chance to do a blog entry during my training runs.

Sometimes it will be photos from where I'm at, other times it will just be a little running dialogue in my head put down in print. Either way, it will be live from the run.

And here's a warning. I will be using the talk-to-text feature, so just ignore the typos and weird spellings.

Let's do this.