Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Message for the Resolutionists

Hey, Resolutionists!

We see you. You're the ones who decided to make 2017 the year you finally fill-in-the-blank (lose the weight, start working out, become a runner, finish a 5K, etc). You've spend the first few days of 2017 eating veggies, turning down junk food, and finally bringing your lunch to work instead of going out.

We see you. We see all of you. And truth be told, you're the reason we can't find parking when we go to our gym. You're the reason there's a line of people waiting to use each of the equipment inside. You're the reason folks are standing around hoping to find an unused treadmill. And you're the reason our usually half-empty fitness classes are now overbooked.

Let me be honest here. Statistically, the majority of you will only hang in for a few weeks. A month, tops. You'll backslide on your diet, just a little at first but then a little more each day. Soon enough, you'll be back to your junk food and too-large portions. And another resolution will fall by the wayside.

Or maybe you'll be okay with the nutrition, but you'll be embarrassed at the gym. You'll feel like everyone is staring at you, mocking you in your shiny new workout clothes as you struggle to figure out how to use the machines. Soon enough, you'll just give up because you just feel so damn uncomfortable there.

Well, here's some things you should probably know:

  • We were ALL beginners at one point. We all had to find our way, and we made plenty of mistakes of our own.
  • Ignore the naysayers. I don't care if this is your first attempt at a healthier lifestyle or your fiftieth, don't listen to people who say you can't do it.
  • Those of us who have been here at the gym for a long time are so proud of you for having the courage to begin. We know it isn't easy, and you inspire us.
  • Progress is slow, but it will happen. You'll notice little things first, like how your clothes fit a little looser or you feel less winded when you climb a flight of stairs.
  • Don't give up. You have to believe that you are worth every bit of effort. Because you are.

Look, I get it. Some people are just critics. They'll complain that too many of you are in their way at the gym and they are tired of the crowds. Too bad for them. Other people in your life will tease and belittle you. They'll be jealous of you and feel the need to knock you back down.

Don't let any of those people come between you and what you really want in this life. If your goals are to be healthier, stronger, and more fit, don't give up.

We're all cheering for you, because we've all been you. We know how it feels to be at the start of a very long road. But here's the good news. You're already on your way. Just keep going!

Friday, December 9, 2016

A Blaze of Apathy

It's been nearly a month since I posted a blog, and that seems just about right. The joke is that I'm going out in a blaze of apathy. Not cool. And not funny.

I've shared elsewhere that I'm taking some new medications, and although they are great for my mental health, they have not been as kind in other ways. One, the side effects are increased appetite and weight gain. Two, without my edge, I've been feeling somewhat "blah" and not really motivated to do anything.

It's a bit of a trade-off, actually. It's good that I am not experiencing manic or depressed stages. It's really good. Because those tend to get me into trouble. But I am also having to learn to work a little harder to stay motivated and focused on my physical goals. It's just so easy to be "okay" and let it go at that.

But physically, I'm not okay. I'm behind on my running schedule, I'm out of my workout routine, and I'm way off with my eating habits.

Sure, I'm having some good days.

But two days aren't a very strong pattern, are they?

In fact, the only pattern I see is that this is YET another blog from me talking about how poorly I have been doing and about how much I need to get my act together.

So that's a bit discouraging.

I don't know what it's going to take for me to turn this around long-term. But there has to be something, because I'm not happy where I am right now. But apparently, I'm not unhappy enough to take any real action.

Like I said, a blaze of apathy.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Some Days Just Suck.

Went to Vegas with the From Fat To Finish Line tribe. Had a lot of fun hanging out with the team. Then I ran/walked a cough-filled 5k.

And the good went to bad.

Woke up Sunday morning coughing and congested. Never felt better despite resting all morning, so opted to not run the half-marathon. And that sucked, watching everyone else run and not being able to join them. I was proud of all of them for crossing the finish line, but I'll admit it felt crappy to not be out there with them.

Got home on Monday, saw a doctor on Tuesday, and I'm now assigned to bedrest until tomorrow morning at the earliest. Apparently, running a full marathon, two half marathons, and a 200-mile relay race in just over a month is considered "pushing the limits" of what my body can handle. And now I'm paying the price.

Cue the blues.

I feel like crap. Instead of basking in the glow of a wonderful weekend with amazing people, I'm wallowing in a terrible mood of failure and sickness.

So, yeah, some days just suck. But at least I'm honest. I trust tomorrow will be better, but my expectations for today are going to stay right here at the bottom rung.